Toronto vs Ottawa :: Nicole and Carson's Engagement Session

I met Nicole and Carson last year at the Deer Creek Wedding Show and just adored them. They are so super sweet and I am so excited to be apart of their day this fall. Skating is one of their favourite things to do together and so I was thrilled that they chose an outdoor rink - Elgin Park in Uxbridge.  The morning couldn't have been more beautiful - in fact it was 4 degrees outside - the rink was almost a slush pond lol I love engagement sessions- they are the best way I get to know our clients especially when they are doing something they love. That morning I learned about their love of hockey teams and how Nicole's family is all about the Leafs while Carson's home town heritage of the Sentors will never change - in fact they were going head-to-head that night (Sorry Ottawa - better luck next time ;) lol) But alittle rivalry in a relationship is healthy IMHO :D After the pond we headed just down the street to one of my favourite spots - Durham Regional Forest - for a quick jaunt along the hiking trail. Check out that rim light through the trees *YUM* I look forward to October you two :)

Brothers :: Toronto Family Films

Family films - I just adore them! I was so touched when Shiri asked me to capture her boys - doing things that brothers do. This was easy to colab on as I have 2 boys myself roughly the same ages apart - so I suggested we take them to one of our families favourite hiking spots - Seaton Hiking Trail located in the heart of Whitchurch-Stouffville. You wouldn't know it - but it was one of the wettest summers we have had and the mosquitoes were BRUTAL lol I was so impressed with how well the boy's handled it! These ages are such a delight to capture as they are truly only little for so long. I hope you enjoy the film :) 

Toronto Sugar Beach Engagement

Dallas and Brian met at a house party 7 years ago. In the day and age of swiping left or right, I absolutely heart their story. Passing by each other in the hallway - bumping into one another - secretly thinking that the other one is cute - and voila the rest is history. Sugar Beach was the perfect location to meet up with them and be introduced to Scar (short for Scarlett) and get to know them in front of the lens. I can't WAIT for their Toronto Island wedding this summer - as we are all crossing our fingers for no floods lol Otherwise it could be swim trunks and bathing cap attire ;)

Baby Luca :: Toronto Orthodox Baptism

Ok - can we talk about how much I LOVE baptisms??? Especially orthodox ones since being not only being married in a Greek Orthodox church myself but also having my two sons blessed at the same church in such a beautiful tradition at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox. I can't decide which is my most favourite part, the smearing of the olive oil or the dunking of the little one in the blessed bath lol I was so thrilled when Anca called to ask me to capture Luca's Macedonian Orthodox ceremony here in Toronto which was held at St timothy's Anglican Church with the reception to follow at the Golden Lion in Etobicoke. It was a beautiful summer day - the light breeze dancing through the trees - the family gathering around the pews waiting for the ceremony to start (a double one which was a first for me but truly felt like a community coming together to bless these little ones), the gorgeous natural light coming in from the stain glass windows; the smell of aged wood and books in the air (deep inhale...ahhhhh). I have always thought of myself as a contemporary woman who loves modern design and unconventional ways but there is just something about deeply rooted traditions that bring family and friends together in celebration that I absolutely adore. Thank you so much for having me be apart of such a special day.

Toddler Hood :: Celebrating 1 Year

Being a mom of two boys between the ages of 1 and 3 right now - I can't help but bawl EVERYTIME I edit through these family sessions. I am SO happy that Anjali chose me to capture Nikki at this one year mark. They are so little at this age. So curious, playful and sensitive. A world of wonder at their finger tips and it's amazing to watch them as they experience all these little stages. I love capturing children in the studio but documenting these in between moments of snacking and changing clothes because we have to sometimes wrestle them just to get some pants ON - these moments are what every parent goes through and I love that true human connection. Toddler hood is only a few brief years but parenthood is forever.

Toronto Lakeside Sunset Maternity Photography

I LOVE meeting soon-to-be new mommy's and daddy's - or mommies and mommies - or daddies and daddies. The excitement and wonder that comes along with this journey you are ALL about to embark on - the great unknown of PARENTHOOD. We might talk about the story of how a name has been chosen (or not) lol, what gender you hope it will be (or not as you keep it a surprise for yourselves) or just how much advice you have been given from just about everyone you know who has gone before you - but just know this - it will be your GREATEST adventure yet!

Will and Eunha Maternity 3.jpg
Will and Eunha Maternity 4.jpg

Chanel loves Rugby - Toronto Harbourfront Engagement

Yotta and Matthew came as a referral through an old high school friend, Sophie, Yotta's sister. Completely honoured. These two - total melt and could they be any more adorable ?!?!?!  They live across the pond in the UK but wanted to have their nuptials back in Yotta's hometown of Toronto. On one of their visits back, we scheduled their engagement session lakeside at Harbourfront (which is a perfect location summer or fall) and then enjoyed getting to know one another over some bevies. I love hearing about everyone's love story - each one is so unique. I especially love it when each of them have a slightly different version as they tell it. lol The giggles, the "Oh YA! Totally forgot about that!", the light tap on the arm or picking your battles and letting the other tell the entire story all the while grinning from ear to ear because you've heard this story a million times and love hearing it on the millionth and one time. That's marriage. That's partnership. That's love.

Yotta and Matthew Engagement 1.jpg
Yotta and Matthew Engagement 6.jpg
Yotta and Matthew Engagement 10.jpg

Jennifer & Rimo - Toronto Orthodox Wedding

I met Jennifer through a referral from another photographer - which next to a client is absolutely the BEST! When a colleague in the same industry trusts you enough to send you a friend or one of their clients - I am always touched and honoured. And WHAT a love story - Jennifer and Rimo met by chance and it was love at first sight - and wouldn't you know it they lived a 4hour plane ride away from each other.  But when you know, you just know and they romanced the distance. I heart that Jennifer actually converted to Rimo's religion - she didn't have to but she wanted to have a deeper connection with the love of her life - and I dig that.  I know I have mentioned this before buuuut I love orthodox weddings. Every church I have have ever visited or photographed in have their own individual beauty. This particular day was spent inside St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church with just a few close family members and friends. What a beautiful way to celebrate the joining of two families. After we dashed off to Riverdale Farm & Distillery District for some bride and groom portraits which the light was just gorgeous for this fall Toronto wedding. The reception was held at the Rosewater Room where family and friends were waiting to celebrate the newlyweds. Wishing you both all the best and thank you for inviting me to capture your beautiful day.