Brothers :: Toronto Family Films

Family films - I just adore them! I was so touched when Shiri asked me to capture her boys - doing things that brothers do. This was easy to colab on as I have 2 boys myself roughly the same ages apart - so I suggested we take them to one of our families favourite hiking spots - Seaton Hiking Trail located in the heart of Whitchurch-Stouffville. You wouldn't know it - but it was one of the wettest summers we have had and the mosquitoes were BRUTAL lol I was so impressed with how well the boy's handled it! These ages are such a delight to capture as they are truly only little for so long. I hope you enjoy the film :) 

Toddler Hood :: Celebrating 1 Year

Being a mom of two boys between the ages of 1 and 3 right now - I can't help but bawl EVERYTIME I edit through these family sessions. I am SO happy that Anjali chose me to capture Nikki at this one year mark. They are so little at this age. So curious, playful and sensitive. A world of wonder at their finger tips and it's amazing to watch them as they experience all these little stages. I love capturing children in the studio but documenting these in between moments of snacking and changing clothes because we have to sometimes wrestle them just to get some pants ON - these moments are what every parent goes through and I love that true human connection. Toddler hood is only a few brief years but parenthood is forever.