Toronto vs Ottawa :: Nicole and Carson's Engagement Session

I met Nicole and Carson last year at the Deer Creek Wedding Show and just adored them. They are so super sweet and I am so excited to be apart of their day this fall. Skating is one of their favourite things to do together and so I was thrilled that they chose an outdoor rink - Elgin Park in Uxbridge.  The morning couldn't have been more beautiful - in fact it was 4 degrees outside - the rink was almost a slush pond lol I love engagement sessions- they are the best way I get to know our clients especially when they are doing something they love. That morning I learned about their love of hockey teams and how Nicole's family is all about the Leafs while Carson's home town heritage of the Sentors will never change - in fact they were going head-to-head that night (Sorry Ottawa - better luck next time ;) lol) But alittle rivalry in a relationship is healthy IMHO :D After the pond we headed just down the street to one of my favourite spots - Durham Regional Forest - for a quick jaunt along the hiking trail. Check out that rim light through the trees *YUM* I look forward to October you two :)

Chanel loves Rugby - Toronto Harbourfront Engagement

Yotta and Matthew came as a referral through an old high school friend, Sophie, Yotta's sister. Completely honoured. These two - total melt and could they be any more adorable ?!?!?!  They live across the pond in the UK but wanted to have their nuptials back in Yotta's hometown of Toronto. On one of their visits back, we scheduled their engagement session lakeside at Harbourfront (which is a perfect location summer or fall) and then enjoyed getting to know one another over some bevies. I love hearing about everyone's love story - each one is so unique. I especially love it when each of them have a slightly different version as they tell it. lol The giggles, the "Oh YA! Totally forgot about that!", the light tap on the arm or picking your battles and letting the other tell the entire story all the while grinning from ear to ear because you've heard this story a million times and love hearing it on the millionth and one time. That's marriage. That's partnership. That's love.

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