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Chanel loves Rugby - Toronto Harbourfront Engagement

Yotta and Matthew came as a referral through an old high school friend, Sophie, Yotta's sister. Completely honoured. These two - total melt and could they be any more adorable ?!?!?!  They live across the pond in the UK but wanted to have their nuptials back in Yotta's hometown of Toronto. On one of their visits back, we scheduled their engagement session lakeside at Harbourfront (which is a perfect location summer or fall) and then enjoyed getting to know one another over some bevies. I love hearing about everyone's love story - each one is so unique. I especially love it when each of them have a slightly different version as they tell it. lol The giggles, the "Oh YA! Totally forgot about that!", the light tap on the arm or picking your battles and letting the other tell the entire story all the while grinning from ear to ear because you've heard this story a million times and love hearing it on the millionth and one time. That's marriage. That's partnership. That's love.

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Jennifer & Rimo - Toronto Orthodox Wedding

I met Jennifer through a referral from another photographer - which next to a client is absolutely the BEST! When a colleague in the same industry trusts you enough to send you a friend or one of their clients - I am always touched and honoured. And WHAT a love story - Jennifer and Rimo met by chance and it was love at first sight - and wouldn't you know it they lived a 4hour plane ride away from each other.  But when you know, you just know and they romanced the distance. I heart that Jennifer actually converted to Rimo's religion - she didn't have to but she wanted to have a deeper connection with the love of her life - and I dig that.  I know I have mentioned this before buuuut I love orthodox weddings. Every church I have have ever visited or photographed in have their own individual beauty. This particular day was spent inside St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church with just a few close family members and friends. What a beautiful way to celebrate the joining of two families. After we dashed off to Riverdale Farm & Distillery District for some bride and groom portraits which the light was just gorgeous for this fall Toronto wedding. The reception was held at the Rosewater Room where family and friends were waiting to celebrate the newlyweds. Wishing you both all the best and thank you for inviting me to capture your beautiful day.